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The Kopano residence boasts a diversity of students, be it race, class, academic disciplines and levels of study, said warden, Professor Evance Kalula, at the 50th anniversary reunion of Old Belsen Boys, named after the residence's original name.

Despite many changes over the years, the values are still the same; we are still a united and the strongest residence at UCT, Kalula assured the group.

The residence was originally named Belsen, after the Bergen-Belsen Nazi concentration camp in north-west Germany, as the residence initially housed students who had served in World War II. The name was changed to Driekoppen to mark the beheading of three slaves around the Mowbray area in 1724, but was changed to Kopano after 1994 as a celebration of unity.

We are open for any queeries you migth have and thus talk to us if you need anything.

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One of the best things about staying at Kopano-Residence is the support structures that the residence has.

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structures put in place for academic support and to help students get the best out of residential life.

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Come check out our res accomodations today. Living as a student in Kopano-Residence

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